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  •  02 Oct 2004 19:15

Release Notes: Many bugfixes were made including some issues where null pointers were being referenced, a limitation on receiving 32k of data from the server, and other minor problems.

  •  16 Sep 2004 22:54

Release Notes: Many annoying bugs were fixed including one that prevented people from fetching blog posts from their servers unless the total size of the posts was under 1000 bytes. The program is no longer limited to fetching 10 posts from the server, as the number can be specified in a form when fetching. A Spanish translation was included.

  •  20 Jul 2004 13:14

Release Notes: Several of the fields in the Edit Blog form now allow more characters (to correct a problem with longer URLs). The Path to RPC field is now two lines long, since it typically is the longest thing entered by the user. When using the HTML popup insertion tool on the Edit Blog form, the cursor is now automatically positioned after the inserted HTML for the user's convenience.


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Determine if data received from a pseudo-terminal is a control sequence.


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A framework for secure peer-to-peer networking.