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PLD Live CD is a bootable CD that contains a live Linux distribution based on the PLD Linux distribution. It uses squashfs transparent compression to fit huge amount of packages on a single CD, including OpenOffice, KDE, Gnome, WindowMaker, XFCE, and many more. It also includes a set of scripts for detecting hardware such SCSI, IDE, monitors, and sound, graphic, and network cards. It also supports 'profiles' that let you store your settings on a floppy.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 May 2004 21:16

    Release Notes: The kernel has been upgraded to 2.6.6. It works on nforce2 and i865 chips now.

    •  09 May 2004 15:15

      Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release, in which some packages and a few script mistakes were fixed. New features include new packages (KDE 3.2.2, GNOME 2.6.1, and many more) and improved autodetection (more PCI IDs for network, IDE, and SCSI controllers and better PCMCIA controller detection). Some unusual screen resolutions for laptops are now supported.

      •  26 Apr 2004 22:48

        Release Notes: There are several package updates (KDE 3.2.1, GNOME2.6, and others). The packages celestia, tuxracer, and foobilard have been added. NVidia drivers are included and automatically used if necessary. It boots into graphical mode (can be turned off) by default. There is greatly improved support for mounting home from various devices (disks, pen drives, etc.). The kernel has been switched to uni-processor (SMP caused too many problems). Eagle (DSL) drivers should work now. There are numerous other bugfixes and improvements.

        •  29 Mar 2004 18:18

          Release Notes: The CD is now based on the official PLD Linux RPMs repository. (It was previously using a private set of packages.) It was optimized for i586, and can be booted on a system with 48 MB RAM. A lot of bugs were fixed. PCMCIA devices are now autodetected, and the home directory can be mounted at boot up. Scripts for remastering the LiveCD are included on the CD. Most of the packages were updated (including KDE 3.2.0 and kernel 2.6.4).

          •  10 Nov 2003 11:06

            Release Notes: This release features CUPS and FluxBox and generates menus for Window Maker, fluxbox, IceWM, and XFce. A piix IDE bug was fixed and the majority of requested apps were included. A regular user was created, as some applications such as IRC clients and xscreensave refuse to work with root privileges. Auto-detection for graphic cards and monitors (DDC) was added, and /usr/local is now located on a RAM disk. Many small cosmetic fixes were also made.


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