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Plasma EBG is an empire building game with an isometric view. It runs in multiple resolutions with graphics being displayed better for higher resolutions; hence, lower resolutions do not suffer from being too large, etc. In the future several viewing engines will be available, such as EBG-opengl and EBG-2d. There is a separate module called EBG-dev which features the latest AI-development, as well as a separate server module.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Mar 2002 08:22

    Release Notes: This release is a new build synced with Allegro 4.0.1 and libpng 1.2.1. Some small improvements have been made in the graphics subsystem.

    •  17 Nov 2001 01:07

      Release Notes: A preliminary attacking AI, linking against new libraries (Allegro 3.9.39, XFree86 4.1.0), and minor gameplay improvements.

      •  17 Sep 2001 05:42

        Release Notes: Many graphical enhancements have been made, and the networking code has been improved. Opponent "game theory" has been implemented.

        •  09 Aug 2001 14:34

          Release Notes: This release includes speed improvements (now around 20% faster on slower machines), and various minor but useful improvements including zoom controlled by mouse scroll wheel, a cancel button on the network information screen, and zoom in/out keeping center in focus.

          •  02 Aug 2001 18:02

            Release Notes: A boundary condition on AI navigation and object building has been resolved. Some speed improvements were made in the map drawing code. Group actions such as "destroy" and "change terrain" were fixed for units/buildings. Buildings cannot be built on top of units.

            Recent comments

            27 Mar 2002 00:20 metaplasma

            Re: a contructive complaint? ;)
            It seems that our binaries have become quite outdated during the (Australian) summer.

            I appologize for the inconvenience caused from this.

            I plan to rebuild binaries for both libpng 1.0.12 and the new and improved libpng 1.2.1. Also the allegro library has had an update - so this shall also be included.

            Large delays in updates have been caused by being down throughout January and February (2002).


            > ./isotest: error while loading shared
            > libraries: /usr/lib/
            > undefined symbol: inflateInit_

            -- I assume this is with libpng 1.2.x with the .so.2 linked to it?
            > downgrade the system, so I would either
            > appeciate the source, or a binairy for
            > the new libpng

            16 Feb 2002 17:00 Dublet

            a contructive complaint? ;)
            I've been trying to get it to work, so I downloaded it and trying to compile it first, but after realizing it was a binairy I tried to run it, which would work, I'd get an application, full windowed with some red cloud pictures or some sort (about the first and only things it loaded), then it would exit. It gave the following output:

            Final Options:
            Colour depth: 32
            Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024

            Graphics driver: 0
            Initilizing Graphics...
            ./isotest: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: inflateInit_

            I tried to upgrade to libpng 1.2.1, but to no avail, which I tried several times, but it wouldn't help. finally I also removed the symlinks from the old librairy named to the new ones, and then it wouldn't run at all. So probably your binairy has been compiled for an old libpng version, and I am not one to downgrade the system, so I would either appeciate the source, or a binairy for the new libpng

            29 Dec 2001 07:32 azureplasma

            Re: PoS

            > One tends to get ticked off after
            > crashing twice..

            HAHAHAH!!! Sorry, I only just noticed that!! Imagine that - it must have been a while since you used windows!!! I only start to get ticked off after the 38th crash!!! :)

            18 Sep 2001 09:00 azureplasma

            Bug Tracking
            Just a quick comment to let everyone who was thinking of installing or running this project that I am now onboard as of around realease 0.26.15 as software tester. Presently I am only testing the win32 releases, although a large proportion of the code is shared across all releases (in fact the main section of code is identical).

            So far Konstanty and I have discovered and patched a large number of the "critical" bugs, such as memory leaks, busy waiting, and 'crashes' (both serious and non-serious).

            The current release (0.26.20) is fixed for a lot of the serious bugs and is generally a lot more stable than previous versions. If EBG crashes on you (and lets face it, it's alpha, and will) it shouldn't take down the whole system (although previous posts seem to indicate that SVGALib is a problem! I think that was at about release 0.26.01 or something).

            I know that my win2k testing no longer crashes explorer.exe, and I am yet to bring win2k down at all during testing of EBG.

            EBG is coming nicely along the road to a mature product, and I urge anyone that is interested to run it, test it out, and submit bug reports to us!

            06 Apr 2001 21:30 metaplasma

            Re: Licensing question...


            This is a good point.. and I am sorry for
            putting up a license on the website for these
            releases. I will remedy this soon.

            But FYI (and others):

            Until the game is playable we do not expect to
            release source code to the general public. (Trying
            to keep the foundations of this project within
            Plasma). [I know some people might debate this

            However, we do want to open up devopment in the
            not so distant future. The binaries can be
            distributed 'as-you-wish', however the source code
            itself is under a "plasma private license". So
            'Freely distributable' seems to fit the binary
            releases... [I didn't notice a more appropriate



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