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Version 4th Edition of Plan 9

Other releases

  •  09 Aug 2006 04:14

Release Notes: Some fixes for a time sync related problem and minor feature enhancements.

  •  23 Jul 2006 09:41

Release Notes: New features and bugfixes were added. SDL now compiles and runs on Plan 9. However, SDL for Plan 9 has not been included in the operating system in this release.

  •  10 Jul 2006 13:53

Release Notes: Some new features and bugfixes. Most notably, Unicode bugfixes.

  •  28 Jun 2006 07:47

Release Notes: Major changes were made to /sys/src/fs, removing some dead code. Some major bugs were fixed. New features were added and the memory limit was increased. See also

  •  22 Jun 2006 01:29

Release Notes: Major bugfixes and some new features.


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Project Spotlight

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