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Plan 9 was born in the same lab where Unix began. Underneath, though, lies a new kind of system, organized around communication and naming rather than files and processes. In Plan 9, distributed computing is a central premise, not an evolutionary add-on. The system relies on a uniform protocol to refer to and communicate with objects, whether they be data or processes, and whether or not they live on the same machine or even similar machines. A single paradigm (writing to named places) unifies all kinds of control and interprocess signaling.


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  •  09 Aug 2006 04:14

Release Notes: Some fixes for a time sync related problem and minor feature enhancements.

  •  23 Jul 2006 09:41

Release Notes: New features and bugfixes were added. SDL now compiles and runs on Plan 9. However, SDL for Plan 9 has not been included in the operating system in this release.

  •  10 Jul 2006 13:53

Release Notes: Some new features and bugfixes. Most notably, Unicode bugfixes.

  •  28 Jun 2006 07:47

Release Notes: Major changes were made to /sys/src/fs, removing some dead code. Some major bugs were fixed. New features were added and the memory limit was increased. See also

  •  22 Jun 2006 01:29

Release Notes: Major bugfixes and some new features.

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25 Jun 2006 13:47 ems9 Thumbs up

Sister operating system
Check out its sister operating system, Inferno (

21 May 2006 12:39 ems9 Thumbs up

Wonderful Operating System
Plan 9, a network operating system, that we should all learn from. It exploits the true advantages of communication. Using remote hardware or even remote Internet connections has never been simplier.

One protocol for all everything is the way to go. In Linux you have many individual protocols to be able to access individual things over a network. Like for graphics you have the X Windows protocol. But what about sound? Now you need another protocol for sound! This starts getting complex and insane.

Using Plan 9 makes you appreciate organization. It puts the system in operating system.

21 May 2006 11:59 ems9 Thumbs up

Re: OSI Approved?

> As far as I can tell Plan9 license is

> not listed on Is it

> going to be OSI approved?


It is approved by OSI, FSF and Debian Free Software Guidelines. The license now grants and forces more freedom than GNU GPL which is great.

17 Jun 2003 14:49 shaihulud

Re: OSI Approved?

> As far as I can tell Plan9 license is
> not listed on Is it
> going to be OSI approved?

Before anyone corrects me, the question may have become obsolete since OSI has finally started to do something about the license issue. See

28 Apr 2002 13:13 shaihulud

OSI Approved?
As far as I can tell Plan9 license is not listed on Is it going to be OSI approved?


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