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pkt is a universal XML packet archiver. It can manipulate files for backing up documents, transferring them across networks, emailing them, and sharing them by other means (p2p etc). It uses plugin filters to do the job and handles virtually any format available if there is a plugin for it. It handles encryption, compression, conversion, parity checking, decryption, decoding, repairing, rebuilding, and other tasks using a universal file format (XML-based). By default, all pkt output is in 7-bit ASCII which is UTF encoded and is compatible with XML parsers. pkt files can be disassembled, reassembled, and repaired by hand if necessary. pkt also supports the use of 8-bit compressed XML packets for its archives using one of several compression algorithms. In general, pkt will try to use the best algorithms available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Feb 2005 00:22

    Release Notes: A problem with savedirectory spinlock control modes (caused a lockup) has been fixed. The timeout to the connection in jcterm has been increased (this was causing socket closures even when the SSH 2 server was up). A check for JCE has been added to jcterm (was causing a null pointer exception on machines without JCE with no way of recovery).

    •  31 Jan 2005 22:29

      Release Notes: The psuedorandom number generator in mindterm has been changed to cryptographically secure rng. A problem with spinlock state when errors were encountered in multithreading has been fixed. Support has been added for SSH 2 and SSH 2 terminal emulation. A manual spinlock control has been added to the menu system if bugfix fails. SSH 2 FTP support has been added. Compression support has been added to mindterm SSH 1 code. A command line execution system has been added.

      •  10 Aug 2004 00:37

        Release Notes: An output directory/prefix option has been added for rebuild, decode, decrypt, and decompress. A file finder has been added to the GUI interface (text editor). A warning notice for badly behaved and/or buggy JVMs has been added. A Virtual Keyboard utility has been added. The CLI help text has been updated for the file prefix/output directory option.

        •  03 Aug 2004 18:17

          Release Notes: A full cipher suite (Blowfish, AES128, and AES256) has been added. The existing encryption system has been optimized for a roughly 40-50% speed increase. A text editor with search and replace capability (case sensitive/insensitive) has been added. Themeable options have been added to the utilities menu with four themes to select from. Encryption and decryption algorithm selection capability has been added to the GUI and the CLI.

          •  30 Jul 2004 01:53

            Release Notes: This release fixes a major activation Java classloader bug, adds a text editor, adds a view console, and includes UI cleanups.


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