Version 1.0.1 of PJSIP and PJMEDIA

Release Notes: 24 tickets from 1.0 were closed in this release.

Other releases

  •  19 Jan 2009 18:28

Release Notes: 24 tickets from 1.0 were closed in this release.

  •  28 Sep 2008 11:51

Release Notes: This release fixes several build problems on Mingw32, Visual Studio 6, and Windows Mobile platforms, as well as link errors when PJLIB is built as a DLL.

  •  25 Sep 2008 17:33

Release Notes: This release focuses on fixing bugs to make the libraries more stable for the upcoming 1.0 release. Some areas where bugs have been fixed include tone generator issues, SIP forking issues, and unexpected SIP message flow causes an assertion or crash.

  •  09 Sep 2008 17:59

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs in the previous release candidate 1, such as an error in building the Python module, an error in adding a new buddy in the incoming SUBSCRIBE callback, not enough buffer for the RTCP SDES packet when a very low bitrate codec is being used, and an assertion in ICE when the endpoint is not behind NAT.

  •  29 Aug 2008 14:41

Release Notes: This is an interim release, intended to mark the end of feature development in the trunk to achieve a stable release for version 1.0. It contains many new features, including a new Python SIP API, integration with the Nokia Audio Proxy Server (APS) API to achieve lower latency on Nokia S60-based mobile phones, and integration with the Intel IPP library to add codecs such as G.722.1, G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729, AMR NB, and AMR WB.


Project Spotlight


A foreign function call interface using small assembly kernels.


Project Spotlight


A 3D animation studio for modeling, texturing, compositing, and video editing.