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PJIRC is a very complete IRC applet which handles multichannel, private conversations, text coloration, graphical smileys, etc. In addition, it's still quite light.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Mar 2005 12:26

    Release Notes: This version fixes a problem where when kicked using the autorejoin mode, all nicknames were reported twice or more in the channel nickname list.

    •  14 Mar 2005 09:03

      Release Notes: An issue that caused DCC file transfers to fail due to a "file size equals -1" error was fixed. Idle information now reports the correct information when idle time is greater than one hour. New "onserver" and "init" commands were added along with support for automatically rejoining channels when kicked. Several JavaCcript support enhancements and PDK enhancements were made.

      •  29 Nov 2004 21:43

        Release Notes: A major bug in Internet Explorer has been fixed.

        •  27 Nov 2004 19:13

          Release Notes: An RFC compliance issue was fixed. A problem with the Java plug-in 1.5 in which reloading a page containing the applet might freeze the software was fixed. An "enter text here" option was added. A problem which allowed non-authorized commands to be used if they were prefixed by a space was fixed. Parameters from the HTML tags and from the fileparameter option are now mixed. A DCC chat acceptance popup is now displayed. Queries may now be disabled. Undocked sources can now be removed from the taskbar. Simple channel name and topic can be used instead of channel options and so on.

          •  17 Jul 2004 20:24

            Release Notes: The "static gif not appearing" issue was fixed. DCC support was fixed. The bug which caused a duplicate query on nickname change was fixed. A nickpostif blank space escaping sequence was added. Whois reply information was enhanced. A background image can now be placed in any source corner. A new message was added: "you're now talking in #channel as nickname". The mIRC background color bug was fixed.


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