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Pizza Business

Pizza Business is a platform-independent restaurant simulation game written in object-oriented C++. It utilizes the WxWindows library.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2003 18:38

    Release Notes: The save/load feature was buggy and has been fixed in this version. A partial implementation of a Linux UI installation script has been included. Interface glitches in the Linux version have not been fixed.

    •  01 May 2003 01:54

      Release Notes: Source modifications to work with G4 processors (an endian-ness fix).

      •  13 Mar 2003 16:46

        Release Notes: Ingredient prices and customer simulation algorithms were upgraded. Auto-pricing has been dismissed because of bugs and the decrease of game difficulty. There has also been some cleanup of code hacks. Addition, removal, and editing of your own pizza recipes has been implemented. A new in-game background picture was added. crc.txt was added to let people check for possible corruption or changes in source files using md5sum.

        •  07 Feb 2003 19:09

          Release Notes: Employee stats were fixed on the staff dialog. A pie chart and a line graph were added to the stats dialog. Various bugs were fixed so that the code works with wxWindows 2.4. Saving and loading a game is now available and working. The WxWindows code was updated to match the 2.4.0 stable release. Also, there shouldn't be any problems with dependencies, as the output file is linked statically.

          •  20 Jan 2003 15:54

            Release Notes: A contracting management system has been implemented. Now there are also more ingredients, recipes, and tables to choose from in the buy/sell section.

            Recent comments

            30 Apr 2014 18:39 tsarkon

            12 years! Yes, twelve years ago, Pizza business was uploaded to (these days known as

            Pizza Business can still be downloaded and it actually runs well on machines today, unmodified executables. This has at least been tested and reported to work on Windows machines. I have made an attempt to port the wxWindows code to wxWidgets 3.0 on Linux, then port that code over to OS X, but my initial attempts were unsuccessful. If anyone out there is interested in porting the code, feel free to give it a try if you want to. After all, since the code is open source, anyone can work on the code and make modifications :)

            Looking back now, it's amazing how many things have changed since then. Desktop applications were still programs you installed on the computer and Internet Explorer was the world-dominant web browser. Mobile internet was in its infancy with ISDN-like dial-up connections with insane costs to use the service, paid for per minute and smartphones weren't even on the map yet for a couple of years to come (not counting Palm and other pocket computers which weren't phones to begin with).

            These days it's all about the mobile "apps" and some desktop computers even have touch screens. Windows 8.1 now even embraces universal apps which work on multiple devices at once, such as desktop PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks and Windows Phone smartphones. Mac computers and iPhones are not exotic, they have a lot of market share and influence on how other hardware vendors design their computers.

            This project has not been active for over a decade now. Anyone attempting to modify the code should be aware that old C++ code needs a lot of reworking and modernization for the code to compile correctly. It's kind of time consuming to take on the task of switching from an "ancient" version of wxWindows to the newest version of wxWidgets. Also, note that I myself do not have the resources or time to work on this project anymore. If someone wants to work on it, that person has to do the work on their own.

            That said, it would be amazing to see it happen, but don't expect it anytime soon. In the meantime, please give the game a try if you own a computer running Windows. In fact, it even runs without modifications in Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit :-)

            08 Feb 2003 06:24 tsarkon

            Pizza Business 1.0-beta7 (notes about the statically linked binary package)
            If you download the binary release, then you won't need any more files than those attached in that release. You can start the binary right away without having to think about hassling with dependencies. If you link something statically it naturally increases in file size, but reduces problems with dependencies and imho, also makes it more flexible to distribute files. Therefore I chose to this from now on. Hope you like it as much as I do :)

            10 Nov 2002 15:14 ares32585

            Re: WxWindows/GTK 2.2.9 required!!
            I just want to clarify that you should not need the wxWindows library if you're using the linux executable. However, you WILL need the GTK+ library.

            10 Nov 2002 14:19 tsarkon

            WxWindows/GTK 2.2.9 required!!
            Just wanted you to know, that WxWindows/GTK 2.2.9 is required to enjoy the new version. Here on the freshmeat site, it seems that only 2.2.7 is available for download in the stable branch. So, if you want to compile it yourself, I recommend downloading 2.2.9 from the WxWindows web site (

            01 Oct 2002 19:56 jeffcovey

            Re: unexplained stalling issues!

            > why is it being stalled?

            Because Ray is still waiting for you to reply to 20830, the request
            tracker ticket he opened on your release 46 hours ago. We generally
            wait 48 hours for a reply; if you don't reply to it soon, he'll
            probably delete your submission and close the ticket.

            Subject: [fm #20830] (news-admins) Submission report - Pizza Business 1.0-beta3 (Default)

            From: Ray Shaw <>

            Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 21:32:36 -0400 (EDT)

            The following notes are in response to your recent submission:

            - Since Windows users are not our primary audience, we can't announce
            releases which only apply to the Windows version of your software.
            This seems to be the case with 1.0beta-3; is this correct?

            Your contribution cannot be processed until you take appropriate
            action on your part and get back to us.


            Ray Shaw


            Note: Make sure you include the prefix '[fm #20830]'

            in the subject when replying to this email.


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