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Release Notes: l10n features were improved (direct communication between templates and language files). The user comments presentation page was completely rewritten: comments are displayed one by one, with filters (content, author, category, and date) and display options (sorting order and number of items) available. The list of user comments is paginated.

  •  14 May 2005 23:54

Release Notes: Information given by uploaders is not lost any more. The release revision number is no longer displayed on the footer by default. A bug in searches with IE was fixed.

Release Notes: Monthly statistics were added. The users list was improved, adding the ability to filter on username (partial match), status, or group, the ability to associate and dissociate users from groups for a list of users, and the ability to set user properties for a list of users. Configuration files management was improved, so that specific configuration is not overwritten by standard configuration update (separate files).

Release Notes: This release improves elements batch management. The method of counting the total number of viewable pictures was changed so that pictures linked to more than one category are not counted twice.

Release Notes: A "show_version" configuration parameter has been added. A "caddie" feature has been added for batch management, especially concerning elements to categories associations (this feature needs many improvements).

Release Notes: The HTML template was redesigned (and respects Web standards better). The ability to manage any kind of file types (not only pictures) was added. New special categories were added, including random pictures, new categories, best rated, and a calendar. The search tool was improved, so that users can search on dates, in a subset of categories, etc. The ability to support EXIF and IPTC metadata was added. Many optimizations were made.

  •  14 Feb 2005 02:29

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to add users from an administration panel. Information is displayed after metadata synchronization. Error messages are displayed when trying to use EXIF when the function is disabled on the server.

Release Notes: This release adds a paginated users list for managing accounts. The thumbnails creation process has been updated; it lists all pictures without thumbnails, no matter the directory, and can create all thumbnails at once. There's a new method for sending HTML code, and the page generation time does not depend on your network connection. Author is now included in the "all words" search. There have been bugfixes for the display for MSIE and Opera, for the generated picture for administration > history, and for the accentuated characters search.

Release Notes: Upgrade scripts for releases 1.3.x were added. Administration instructions were rewritten (in English and French). The README documentation was updated. Group permissions management was added. The process for finding pictures without thumbnails was optimized. Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The ability to set permissions for a user was added. Maximum height & width were added in default display configuration. Restricted access mode was removed (set all your categories to private for same result). The ability to lock your gallery temporary for maintenance was added. The synchronization process between filesystem and database was rewritten (optimized). Many small bugs were fixed, and optimizations and simplifications were made. This release is very near the future stable branch 1.4.


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