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  •  23 May 2006 23:41

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: Clean URLs were improved. Notification by mail managed by administrators was added. Navigation by tags was added. A distinct presentation of sub categories was added.

Release Notes: HTML navigation links were added. Anonymous rating was added. A rate manager was added. A chronological display a la Flickr was added for any picture set. Quick association of a category pictures to another new virtual category was added. An automatic sort on categories was added. A new user status was added: generic user (useful for "family" or "friends"). The ability to deny access to high size pictures to any user was added. Clean URLs replace old style URLs.

Release Notes: Instead of a specific session manager, this release uses a default PHP session system with a database handler. The search engine backend was redesigned to avoid passing search rules in URLs. Current search rules can be displayed in a popup. The ability to go to the first and last picture of the current section was added. The speed for viewing pictures from remote sites was improved. The ability to choose pictures ordering inside a section was added.

Release Notes: A clear separation between template and theme was added, thus making customization easier. A system to notify and upgrade databases among developers was added.

  •  22 Oct 2005 11:35

Release Notes: A new screen to move a set of virtual categories was added. A "quick start" help section was added. Help was translated in French. The default font size was changed to smaller. Many bugs were fixed, mainly concerning the external authentication.

  •  21 Sep 2005 00:18

Release Notes: The upgrade scripts from the 1.4 branch were added. Bug corrections were ported from the 1.4 branch. Bugs concerning the user accounts sharing feature were corrected. The ability to send a new password by mail was added.

Release Notes: A new default template was added which respects Web standards, semantic HTML, and clean CSS. An introduction page was added to the administration section, containing statistics, version information, environment, and the ability to check for an upgrade. The ability to allow HTML in descriptions was added. A user can have more than one notification feed. The ability to validate all or reject all unvalidated comments or pictures in one click was added. Contextual help was added.

Release Notes: The ability to set a random category representative was added. A maintenance screen was added in administration, allowing you to update category information (number of images, date of the last added element), to update image information (path, average rate), to purge obsolete sessions, and to purge history. The category editing screen was redesigned with the ability to move virtual categories and new action buttons. The ability to set an element as representative of a category without belonging to the category was added.

Release Notes: HTTP authentication (through Apache) was added: once logged in through Apache, you're logged into PhpWebGallery. External authentication was added: this release can share the users list with a forum, for example.


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A vte-based terminal emulator.


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