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PGP Individual UID Signer

PGP Individual UID Signer makes signing all the UIDs on all of the keys at a PGP keysigning party much simpler. It prompts for verification fingerprints, and then signs each UID on each key separately and emails them to their recipients encrypted with PGP/MIME.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Nov 2013 02:40

    Release Notes: PIUS 2.0.11 is a bugfix release, and all users are encouraged to upgrade. This release fixes handling of UIDs which can cause PIUS to get confused on keys with JPG UIDs, and adds significant improvements to help, error, and informational messaging.

    •  30 Mar 2013 02:26

      Release Notes: A variety of of bugfixes and changes to several default preferences to make it easier to use. This release is compatible with GnuPG2. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

      •  19 Sep 2010 14:06

        Release Notes: This version fixes a bug where multiple keys with the same UID text would get skipped during signing. A bug where PIUS would fail to cleanup its temporary files was fixed.

        •  26 Apr 2009 14:29

          Release Notes: This release fixes a typo in 2.0.2 that prevented proper error reporting when a key didn't have an encryption subkey (PIUS would raise an uncaught exception instead of reporting the error and moving on). Since 2.0.2 was supposed to fix this bug but didn't do it properly, this release was put out immediately. It also contains a small output formatting tweak). All users are encouraged to upgrade.

          •  28 Feb 2009 23:12

            Release Notes: A bug where a good key would occasionally be reported as bad was fixed.


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