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Pioneer is a space adventure game set in the Milky Way galaxy at the turn of the 31st century. The game is open-ended, and you are free to explore the millions of star systems in the game. You can land on planets, slingshot past gas giants, and burn yourself to a crisp flying between binary star systems. Pioneer has a sneaking resemblance to Frontier: Elite 2.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2013 20:26

    Release Notes: A change in the version numbering scheme. A large number of additional ships. Improved texturing and ship visual effects. Improved controls. Lua scripting interface enhancements. Numerous bugfixes.

    •  28 Jul 2012 20:36

      Release Notes: Background stars now fade out in daylight. Ships which can't fit shielding can't purchase it at atmosphere ports. Attempting to fly in an atmosphere without shielding causes quick death. The Lua console now provides autocompletion. A target indicator is shown on docking waypoints when clearance has been granted to assist with manual docking. Assorted bugfixes have been made.

      •  15 Apr 2012 18:04

        Release Notes: Classic Elite systems have been added. Also added are manual thruster controls, navtarget tunnels, sidereal cameras, and a new rendering infrastructure. Numerous minor enhancements, scripting changes, and bugfixes.

        •  12 Nov 2011 02:22

          Release Notes: This release adds cargo scooping, an improved HUD, and a couple of new ships. It fixes a huge number of bugs, memory leaks, and stability problems.

          •  20 Oct 2011 02:26

            Release Notes: This release features a new 3D galaxy view, a complex trade ships AI, in-system delivery missions, and style enhancements such as star terrains, new ships, stations, and buildings, new music, and new translations.


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