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Pinochle is a computerized version of the classic card game. It plays a four-player variation in which you are paired with a computer partner against two computer players.

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  •  07 Mar 2014 01:00

Release Notes: This version introduces a new high score counter. It allows you to track the highest hands ever played. This release also includes bidding improvements and many bugfixes. All 1.0.5 users should update.

  •  24 Jan 2014 20:53

Release Notes: This version includes a bugfix which prevents cards from disappearing on the Windows platform.

  •  19 Jan 2014 02:41

Release Notes: This version changes bidding behavior. Your partner will remain in the auction for as long as opponents remain in the bidding and she thinks she can win the trick. Once all opponents are out of the auction, she will drop out only if you top the last bid she made before the opponents dropped out. This release also includes several minor enhancements and bugfixes.

  •  10 Jan 2014 19:54

Release Notes: This release includes several refinements. It remembers the placement of your dialog windows, it has improved user notification, and it plays a slightly better game.

  •  05 Jan 2014 01:50

Release Notes: This release adds several minor enhancements, a few minor bug fixes, and improved computer play.


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