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PIMPPA automates file downloading from newsgroups and FTP sites. Its especially designed for leeching pictures but can be used for any files. Filename-based heuristics and MD5 checksums are used for spam/duplicate prevention and automatic sorting of incoming material. The whole process is cronable. PIMPPA also includes a GNOME GUI and several commandline utilities for further processing and management of the kept files.

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  •  17 Oct 2006 23:11

Release Notes: This version adds support for downloading WWW image galleries by crawling through index sites that constantly provide fresh links to galleries. Content can be selected by requiring the link descriptions to match given regex patterns. The links will be remembered to avoid re-crawling. In addition, files in the database can now be tagged and viewed with keywords. Various small code fixes were done.

  •  08 Mar 2006 00:46

Release Notes: This is mostly a maintenance version that fixes some bugs and makes PIMPPA build on the MySQL 5.x series. As a new feature, decoded files can now be automatically discarded based on their content by using user-programmable scripts. A sample script that discards JPEG files that are too small is provided.

  •  27 Oct 2003 16:13

Release Notes: This version features the ability to accept only messages from newsgroups that match (or mismatch) one or more regexps from a given set of patterns. The regexps can be specific to file area context. Some small bugs have been fixed and other minor features introduced.

  •  18 Mar 2002 09:59

Release Notes: Support was added for decoding yencoded (yEnc) binaries from newsgroups. The ./configure script was fixed to be able to locate atypical MySQL installations.

  •  20 Dec 2001 13:15

Release Notes: The broken installation routine in v0.5.5 was fixed. This only concerns new users, not those who are upgrading from some previous version.


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A static analysis automation framework.


Project Spotlight


A CalDAV Web client.