Version 0.11.4 of pilot-link

Release Notes: The "double-free" bug that would sometimes cause the Visor driver to crash or hang on Linux systems has been fixed. Network Hotsync from Linux to Windows now works. An issue with libpng being linked into every binary by default has been fixed. The configuration has been updated to work with autoconf 2.5x, and there is a fix for Perl 5.8 on systems with gcc 3.x installed.

Other releases

  •  04 Feb 2010 08:47

Release Notes: Lots of changes were incorporated into this version. With the Palm Pre being released shortly and Palm killing off Palm OS, this may be one of the last versions of pilot-link made available before the project is orphaned off and shut down.

  •  22 Sep 2006 23:53

    Release Notes: Code cleanups were made in libpisock, libpisync, src, and include. An installation problem with udev rules was fixed.

    Release Notes: New features include full VFS support for external media cards, large segment support (>64k records), OSX support for running pilot-link, support for libusb (so no visor kernel module is required), conversion from getopt to popt (which improves option handling and matching), and many other features. Several new conduits have been added: read-screenshot (to extract Palm screenshots), pilot-wav (to convert voice memos to .wav files), read-veo (to extract images captured with the Veo Traveler Palm camera), and more.

    •  12 Jan 2003 23:36

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  23 Oct 2002 00:32

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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