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Version 7.6.6 of Pike

Release Notes: A new crypto library is used. Support was added for the BitTorrent protocol, for GLUE, for the LMTP protocol, for the OBEX protocol, and for OWL, RDF, RDFS, and RSS. Various new datatypes were added. Support was also added for bz2 compression, for PCRE-style regexps, for punicode, and for IPv6. The garbage collection strategy is now configurable. Various optimizations and bugfixes were made.

Other releases

  •  17 Sep 2012 20:59

Release Notes: This release adds the new modules Search, Standards.JSON, Val, and ZXID, adds some minor features, and fixes many bugs.

  •  24 Sep 2009 11:08

Release Notes: Support for Nettle 2.0 was added. Timezone data was updated to 2009j. Some potential NULL-dereferences and memory leaks were fixed. Start up time was reduced. Some operations were optimized for the case of single element arrays and strings. Various minor bugs were fixed.

  •  08 Jul 2009 17:29

Release Notes: Several bugs with hard to track down failure modes were fixed. Protocols.IPv6 was added. Filesystem.Tar was improved. Improved performance on Mac OS X. Fully transparent support for Unicode was added for the PostgreSQL driver. Several minor memory leaks, mainly in the Image module, were plugged. Updated timezone data. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Support for Unicode was improved (5.1.0). Support for getters and setters was added. The type system was improved in multiple ways. Support for having multiple concurrent backend implementations was added. The symbol __func__ was added. Support for IPv6 was improved. The compiler was refactored to be more object-oriented. Many other fixes and changes.

  •  25 Apr 2007 23:45

Release Notes: Fixes and enhancements were made for: machine code on Darwin IA32, optimization, -t on Win32, big endian 64-bit, 64-bit file operations, bytecode, multisets, program encoding, describe_value, array growth policy, timezone data files (including the recent US DST change), Calendar.Time.format_smtp, Calendar.Events, mktime, Sql.Sql, Mysql.set_charset, ODBC, UnixODBC, Gmp, Standards.IIM, Image.Image, Image.Dims, Image.PS, little endian TIFFs, GL, SSL, HTTP header parser, Protocols.HTTP.Query and .async_close, Protocols.DNS, Parser.XML.Validating, Shuffler, Cache, Valgrind support, and many build related issues.


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