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Release Notes: This release adds a cloud view to the Tag Palettes. The Tag Palette on the sidebar has been updated to save the selection of the view type (tree/cloud/flat).

Release Notes: This release updates the fragment part of the tag-fragment. It is now possible to create sub-fragments and reorder them, expand the fragment tree, etc.

Release Notes: This release adds a feature to convert a tag into a tag fragment. The edit button is shown on the tag page if the tag has no content. Clicking the button converts the tag into a tag fragment and opens an editor for editing its content.

Release Notes: This release introduces Tag-Fragment, which allows you to use a knowledge fragment as a tag. If you activate the "As a tag" toggle button when creating or updating a fragment, the fragment will be created or updated as a tag. You can attach an "as a tag" attribute to a fragment any time you feel necessary and remove it from a fragment.

Release Notes: This release included prerequisite changes for the development of the next major version. The title field in the fragment form has been moved to the top. The Quick Edit feature has been updated to support editing of fragment titles and a minor edit option.

Release Notes: This release updates Tag Palette to have multiple views: "tree" and "flat". The Quick Edit feature was extended so that it can be used via the edit button (pencil icon) on the fragment toolbar. This means that you can quickly edit fragments that have contents hidden or no contents. The fragments view slider was updated to have a new variation of fragments display.

Release Notes: This release adds Quick Edit for contents of knowledge fragments. Double-clicking on a content area turns it into an editor so that you can edit the content on the spot.

Release Notes: This release changes the fragment interface so that the content toggle is hidden when the content to display doesn't exist. Some of the components that were placed in the fragment body (update-info and fragment-parents) were moved to the fragment header.

Release Notes: This release upgrades the database engine (H2 Database Engine) to the latest stable version, which supports a new database file format. Although the new format is not compatible with the older versions of Piggydb, this version supports automatic file conversion: the old database files will be converted into the new format automatically during startup.

Release Notes: This release adds a "New Relationship" icon (+→) to the fragment toolbar. Dragging this icon from one fragment and dropping it onto another creates a new relationship between the two fragments. Users can also drop the icon onto the "Selected Fragments" box to create a new relationship with each of the selected fragments in a single operation.


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