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Release Notes: This release adds Chinese language support (translation). The wiki parser was updated to have a new way to insert a line break and an image-labeled link. A new setting option, "piggydb.entity.changeableOnlyForCreator", was added, which disables updating an entity for all users who have not created the entity.

Release Notes: This release updates the fragment form: the title input was moved below the content input to show that a title is optional. If a title is missing, an auto-generated headline will be shown on the list view. The fragment batch page was updated to show common tags and parent fragments of the selected fragments, and users can remove them by clicking the [x] buttons. The tags page was updated to have a "Delete all" button to delete selected tags.

Release Notes: This release adds Atom feeds for knowledge fragments, such as feeds for fragments with a specific tag. The feeds are available on home.htm, tag.htm, filter.htm, and user.htm.

Release Notes: This release adds a new menu, "System/System Info", where you can view the system settings and the database statistics. With that menu, you can also change the database title, which is used for the title of the HTML pages. A minor edit checkbox was added to the fragment edit form. If you check the box, the fragment's updated-timestamp will be unchanged. The #home and #bookmark tags were changed to be owner-privileged (so only an owner can handle those tags).

Release Notes: This release adds anonymous access. You can enable anonymous access to let users view content without a login. A "Jump to Tag" button (a tag icon with an arrow) was added next to the search button. This button allows you to directly jump to a tag page specified in the search input box.

Release Notes: This release updates the tag name autocompletion to be available in any of the tag name inputs. The format of create/update time of entities (fragments/tags/filters) was changed to be relative. For example, you can specify "about 8 hours ago" or "24 days ago".

Release Notes: This release adds a new view for fragments: "tree", which is a compact view for the descendant fragments of a selected fragment (to its great grandchildren). Another new feature of this release is a fragment batch operation that allows users to create a new parent fragment of selected fragments.

Release Notes: This release adds a new view for fragments: "multi-column". It shows fragment titles in a multi-column format and allows users to change column width with the slider control. With the multi-column view, users can view as many fragments as possible on the screen. The tag menu items ("New Tag", "Recent Changes", "Tags") were integrated together into one menu, "Tag".

  •  30 Nov 2009 14:22

Release Notes: This release adds multi-user support, which is built into the piggydb's semantics seamlessly. You can create users just by creating fragments titled "username" and tagged with "#user". It allows you to manage the users in exactly the same way as knowledge fragments, classifying with tags, connecting to other fragments, and so on.

Release Notes: This release updates the filter feature to allow users to rename and delete filters. The fragment editor was updated to improve usability (wider input box and textarea by liquid layout).


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