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Version 6.0-dev2 of Piggydb

Release Notes: This release makes the new fragment editor, which was introduced in the previous version, available for updating fragments. Clicking on the edit button opens the new dialog editor instead of the quick editor so that you can edit all of the fragment's attributes, including tags, on the spot.

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    •  31 Mar 2014 20:36

      Release Notes: This release adds an all/any switch to the tag search. In the previous versions, searching by tags results in the fragments tagged with ‘all’ of the specified tags. From this version, you can switch between ‘all’ and ‘any’. ‘Any’ displays the fragments tagged with ‘any’ of the specified tags. It also adds a "related fragments" feature in the fragment page where the list view displays all the fragments tagged with any of the tags of the focused fragment.

      •  17 Feb 2014 14:25

        Release Notes: This release extends the fragment incremental search to support tags in addition to keywords. You can add tags for the fragment list to include or exclude the ones with the specified tags. It also adds MathJax support, which allows you to embed mathematics notation by writing LaTeX expressions in the content of a fragment.

        •  21 Oct 2013 13:23

          Release Notes: This release adds another alternative to the navigation features: Fragment Quick View. It allows you to move through a knowledge-fragment network, fragment by fragment, more lightly. Mouse hovering over a link to a fragment for a second brings up a pop-up view for the fragment. In the pop-up view, you can move to another fragment via the links.

          •  18 Sep 2013 21:08

            Release Notes: This release changes the tag icons to have different colors according to the types of tags.

            •  02 Sep 2013 21:36

              Release Notes: This release adds a button at the bottom of the content, which allows it to expand the sub-fragments without needing to scroll back to the fragment header. It also adds support for non-ASCII filenames when you upload files as file fragments.


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