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07 May 2008 08:53 wattafunnyname

pidgin, no, i don't like it so much, but...
Pidgin, ok it works, but it's memory consumption bothers me and I just need jabber, but i cannot find a pure-jabber, lightweight IM-client with otr support.

i am not pleased with mcabber, so there is no alternative to pidgin ... bad luck

27 Dec 2007 07:57 dwoeltje

Pidgin for Solaris x86 (ver 9)
I don't know how to recompile the source to get Pidgin working on my x86 Solaris 9 system. Can anyone either provide me with a copy of the binaries or with detailed instructions on how to recompile the source on my system?

22 Dec 2007 07:17 sandokan

Mature it is but with a twist
features stated do not work so do we still say it is matured - yes simple text messaging but hey the world has been into file transfer and video - gyachi is able to work so why cant sean make this work - I hope google are getting their worth for investing in our man but hey there is absolutely no difference per se if u compare the last beta of GAIM and Pidgin - why doll out new candy when old one tasted just as good - perhaps the new packaging will make people thing oooo i have changed here and there but 2.0 as promised offers nothing new - sorry bout that - haaaaaa

10 Sep 2007 18:43 bogemot

Re: GAIM and Windows Vista
The most pleasing things I have noticed with gaim are the user interface and the restructuring of the menus/windows. I have used gaim for about 3 years now, always switching back to it when I tried other clients, even the other all-in-ones. The simplicity of the application has to be its biggest draws. You can whine about it not being pretty, but then again you probably install Window Blinds on your computer to get the new Vista theme. gaim does exactly what it sets out to do and it does it fast. This is by far my favorite project on SF!

09 Aug 2007 20:21 enthropyinaction

One change from Gaim to Pidgin i wasn't a fan of
The only thing I didn't really like when I switched from Gaim to Pidgin was the fact that the protocol isn't displayed next to the names in the buddy list anymore.

It's still there when you open the IM window, and when you hover the mouse over the name. If you expand the buddy name it's there too, but I'd rather not have 2 entries for every person on my buddy list just to easily see what protocol they're using.

Is there a skin or plugin somewhere that fixes this? Is it at least possible, even if i have to make my own skin? Why did you decide to change it? (That last one's not a gripe, just trying to see it your way, dev)

24 Mar 2007 09:42 firelead

Re: GAIM and Windows Vista

> Has anybody running Gaim successful

> under Windows Vista yet?

Yes I am running Gaim 2.0.0 beta6 and it is working fine - no problems yet.

25 Feb 2007 08:01 Anbarabe07

Re: Gaim very good program
I cannot live without Gaim! It is the best IM software indeed.

21 Feb 2007 09:55 kahuki

GAIM and Windows Vista
Has anybody running Gaim successful under Windows Vista yet?

07 Jan 2007 07:24 metalzelot

Re: GAIM with MS XP

> How could I disable the program from flashing every

> time I receive a message? I can not find

> this option in prefes.

I think you're searching for »Tools - Plugins - Message Notification - Raise conservation window«

21 Dec 2006 04:47 Theimprover

Multiple Protocols
Supporting multiple protocols is the best feature about GAIM. No instant messaging application would survive without capability to communicate with the existing known applications.


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