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picoTK is a C GUI toolkit that requires only a minimum of memory resources. It is intended for embedded system use, especially for (but not limited to) the RTEMS realtime kernel. It is in no way comparable featurewise to a "real" full blown windows toolkit like Qt or nanoX; it rather provides simple drawing primitives like lines, filled rectangles, characters, and pixmaps. (But that is what many embedded applications might ask for.) It directly works on tailored "framebuffer" hardware. A Linux framebuffer emulator is supplied as part of the kit, making evaluation (and emulation!) possible without having a realtime OS and custom hardware.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Dec 2000 03:22

    Release Notes: This release adds VGA VESA linear frame buffer modes (which give higher resolution color modes on current VGA cards), and a color version of the self-booting demo floppy. This demo can be used to check wether the VGA card supports these added VESA modes.

    •  18 Nov 2000 03:30

      Release Notes: New framebuffer drivers for 1bpp, 4bpp, and 8bpp color depth, generic frame buffer emulator for all supported color depth, a HOWTO describing configuration and installation, and Makefile examples showing RTEMS and cross-compiler usage.


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