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10 Mar 2007 02:34 oberger

Picolibre renamed as PicoForge, and new features
The PicoLibre project has been renamed to PicoForge, to reflect the fact that it's a forge.

Several new improvements have been made, for an easier deployment due to the fact that PicoForge now comes pre-packaged for Debian, which eases a great deal the installation process (still complex for non-admin skills ;).

Also, PicoForge now integrates a SubVersion repository (in addition of CVS) for every project, and possibility to use many TWiki wikis for each project hosted.

Testers much welcome :)

03 Oct 2006 04:03 oberger

After a long time, Picolibre development has progressed a little bit
After quite a long time without improvements, Picolibre is back on rails, and several improvements are in the pipe.

Next updates should bring new features, as the recent release was mainly about maintainability only.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the weeks to come.

27 May 2003 08:26 OlivierBerger

PicoLibre finalist of the Free Software Trophies 2003
PicoLibre was awarded among the finalists of the Free Software Trophies 2003, behind GCompris which won in the Educative section, and with the other finalist, AbulEdu.

30 Mar 2002 06:03 oberger

Self-hosting project
Picolibre is self-hosting : Picolibre developments are made using the Picolibre server itself. See, logged as guest/guest to see the project's details...


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