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  •  29 Mar 2006 01:14

Release Notes: The change prefs for File WikiUser were fixed. The HomepagePrefs update message was fixed. The Imdb plugin was removed. The PluginToolbarButton fix from CVS was applied.

  •  15 Nov 2005 06:47

Release Notes: Only _AUTHENTICATED is allowed to view pages. The OldStyleTables plugin was fixed with args. Missing pgsrc was added. The ENABLE_MARKUP_TEMPLATE warning which occurred if it was undefined was fixed. Unwanted accesslog SQL entries were fixed. WikiAdminSelect preselection was fixed. passencrypt.php was fixed for PHP5 with register_long_arrays turned off. The configurator was fixed for DATABASE_DSN and USER_AUTH_ORDER. explodePageList was optimized to use SQL when available. An optimization for a new ALL textsearch token was added. The configurator takes a default description from config-dist.ini. Some missing configurator constants were added.

  •  15 Nov 2005 06:41

Release Notes: This version supports PHP5 with "register_long_arrays = off".

  •  04 Jan 2005 06:03

Release Notes: Some bugs in the dba database handler were fixed. Several bugs with the dba, dbm, file, and msql backends on GetAllWikiPagenames which affected dumpserial and zip were fixed. TitleSearch and Backlinks for flatfile were fixed. The "MostPopular" (hitcount storage) feature for flatfile was enabled.

  •  28 Oct 2004 10:59

Release Notes: This release features paging support and adodb rewrite. It fixes a permission problem.

  •  04 Jan 2004 12:08

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  17 Nov 2003 04:07

Release Notes: A problem with the zip dump for Windows was resolved, additional plugin documentation was added, and some graphics were updated.

  •  09 Nov 2003 16:05

Release Notes: This is a very stabilized version. There are many behind-the-scenes server side changes regarding content handling, caching, headers, etc. Flat file database support has returned. There are translation updates, a plugin to list available plugins, a PhotoAlbum plugin, a Comment plugin, a RedirectTo plugin, a RawHtml plugin, a WikiBlog page type, numerous layout fixes, numerous bugfixes, and minor improvements.

Release Notes: This release features a new configuration utility, a RawHTML plugin for allowing arbitrary HTML, a FuzzyPages search, caching plugins, transclusion, a SiteMap, XHTML ZIP dumps, RecentChanges as Netscape or Mozilla sidebar, an XML-RPC interface, named anchors, a new markup engine, an updated interwiki map, many new pages, and additional documentation.

Release Notes: W3C validated XHTML and CSS, new theme packages, big internationalization improvements, ability to dump the whole site as XHTML files, ADODB support, word level diffs, many new plugins, and much more.


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audit daemon

A package of user-space audit utilities.


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A command line audio MPEG player.