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PHP Web Toolkit

The PHP Web Toolkit enables the rapid development of multi-layered Web applications and is designed to be easy to use, extensible, reliable, reusable, scalable, and secure. It integrates with ADOdb, FCKeditor, kses, Libmcrypt, Libmhash, and Smarty.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Nov 2004 07:22

    Release Notes: Many enhancements and new features were implemented, including htmlArea, kses, and Smarty integration. This release marks a significant milestone and is much more useable than previous versions.

    •  09 Sep 2004 17:29

      Release Notes: This release includes many major feature enhancements. Five new design patterns were implemented (i.e. Builder, Chain of Responsibility, Command, Front Controller, and Singleton). The Client class was added to build and send requests to the Controller. The Controller class was added to process and dispatch requests to the View. Builder classes were added to build custom Request objects. Handler classes were added to add/strip slashes from GET/POST. Command classes were added to dynamically process end user actions in URLs. API documentation was generated by phpDocumentor.

      •  14 Aug 2004 04:32

        Release Notes: This release features MySQL DAO classes that support ADOdb drivers, sample DAO classes and a sample database for testing purposes, XML DAO classes that replace the old XmlReader class, and new Digest, Hash, and Hmac classes that replace the old Hash class. The Convert class is now used by the Crypt class for the hex2bin function. New configuration parameters were added to config.xml and config.dtd was updated. The documentation was revised and trailing whitespaces was removed from files.

        •  07 Aug 2004 09:16

          Release Notes: The directory structure was greatly simplified. The latest versions of ADOdb, htmlArea, htmlfilter, and Smarty were included. Logic errors with respect to source code behavior were corrected. The prng class now uses its own <prng:randomDevice> flag. The configurator class was renamed to xmlreader. Some subpackage names in the comments were changed appropriately, and PHP test scripts were added to help people understand how to use the toolkit. Additional documentation was included.


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