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05 Mar 2004 09:37 Thulemanden

Been running it for a few weeks and PHPWebsite is very,
very stable.

It takes a little while to understand the mechanics but once
you see it, it's clear you can create an entertaining and
context-relevant portal.

08 Feb 2004 04:31 Thulemanden

RSS feeds troublesome
Installed 0.9.3-2 but can't get the RSS feed to work.

I try to ad a validated souce*, but it doesn't show up in the list or anywhere.

Mandrake 9.2 KDE 3.1.4

My site:

p.s. The postfix server is not installed (didn't work) so you won't be able to register for an account.

* from

What else than PHBWS 0.9.3-2 is needed?

05 Feb 2004 11:19 Thulemanden

A rising star
This will be a fine web portal tool for many organisations and networks.

There is not many steps in setting it up.

As default only a few of the features are on and they don't show up in the portal untill you have some content in them.

As a Beta there are some inconsistences like the horizonal menu not centering and an empty square visible but it seems 99% ok.

It's great contender for the default webportal system in a distro as it's free from inserted adds and is pretty lowkey.


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