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phpVideoPro is a program to manage your collection of DVDs, Video CDs, and video tapes. It stores all data in a database, and provides you with features for adding/changing entries, displaying lists, printing labels and lists, and more. An online help system is built-in to guide you when necessary, and an integrated user/session management protects your data against unauthorized access. Support for multiple languages is provided, and supported databases include MySQL and PostgreSQL; SQLite support is still experimental.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 May 2010 12:12

    Release Notes: phpVideoPro now also supports MoviePilot. For those still using IMDB, their sites have been adjusted to their new domains. A minor facelifting was done for the application template set. With PHP 5.3 and later, session management was broken and is fixed again now. Some more minor fixes have been applied as well.

    •  25 Apr 2010 13:03

      Release Notes: Problems were fixed with the WYSIWYG editor (IMDBSearch did not transfer data if that was enabled) and the staff lists. As there were problems reported from several SuSE systems (with their default PHP settings), all PHP short_open tags have been replaced. Finally, minor changes have been applied to better support the next generation of imdbphp (imdbphp2).

      •  25 Feb 2009 14:45

        Release Notes: This version introduces experimental support for SQLite databases. Addtionally, some work has been done on the backup implementation: users can maintain their own backups, and backups can now be created to be stored on the server directly, without a detour via downloads. The project site now also offers the applications manual (English and German PDF files).

        •  16 Feb 2009 16:05

          Release Notes: Two new scripts have been added: one for backup/restore, and one for user management. All configuration items have now been moved to a central configuration file, so you no longer need to modify the scripts themselves.

          •  12 Feb 2009 14:50

            Release Notes: This release fixed a problem where a missing statement update caused database problems. A WYSIWYG editor was added for movie comments along with the ability to generate user-based movie backups and to restore to and from a user. Backups now default to using gzip compression (if gzip support is detected). On restore, movies with undefined owners are now owned by 'admin'.

            Recent comments

            24 Apr 2005 09:47 izzysoft

            Re: phpVideoPro

            > Izzy is already working on some of my comments.

            > The speed in which these had been looked at and

            > added to the todo list was fantastic.

            Thank you for the comment - they aleady left the todo list and are part ov v0.7.6 ;)

            17 Apr 2005 02:20 julianj

            This is a great project.
            Izzy is open to constructive comments and takes on board good ideas.
            I have easily added all my DVD's and video's. Izzy is already working on some of my comments.
            The speed in which these had been looked at and added to the todo list was fantastic.


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