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PHP/Toolbox is designed to make the process of creating database-powered Websites easier. It utilizes the iterative, or step-by-step development paradigm. It therefore enables you to create fully-functional Web interfaces for an arbitrary set of DB tables within minutes. Any changes you make in these tables after the test driving will be handled automatically. You can then adjust this automatic interface in an iterative manner to suit your specific needs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2002 17:18

    Release Notes: A lot of bugfixes, documentation improvements, incorporation of Utility Pack R1.1, and a complete redesign of sample applications (Admin & Texite) to fully use #2's power and flexibility. Notice that sample.pdf document provides simple visual representation for their structure and referential model.

    •  21 Dec 2001 20:47

      Release Notes: This release provides PHP/Toolbox #1 & #2 with additional capabilities of simple and efficient data handling, for instance, XML or ini-style configuration files. The Utility Pack R1 consists of a number of 'abstract' classes that are supposed to be subclassed to provide custom functionality, test suites, and sample applications.

      •  03 Dec 2001 11:03

        Release Notes: The most important new feature in the Second Edition is RETRO® - PHP/Toolbox proprietary template processing technology. This is the first release of the Second Edition and is not to be thought as stable. Due to these changes, the Second Edition is not 100% compatible with the original. The original should not be treated as obsolete however - it is still supported and will be maintained but, probably, will not be further developed.

        •  31 Oct 2001 17:16

          Release Notes: Splitting func.php into func/*.phps parts to include() more granularily, a couple of bugfixes and feature enhancements, and a bit more documentation.

          •  16 Oct 2001 09:54

            Release Notes: New Texite (fast Website skeleton) sample application added and admin interface updated accordingly. Test mini-suite has been clarified and thoroughly commented. New features, two new classes, bugfixes, code clean-ups, and documentation enhancements added.


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