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phptags tag tidier

phptags is a simple commandline tool to automate the rewriting of PHP open and close tags. It can convert between short and long open tags, add missing close tags or remove them again, and correct leading or trailing whitespace issues. It utilizes both regex or the tokenizer.

Operating Systems

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  •  08 Jan 2012 19:02

    Release Notes: The UTF-8 dependency for whitespace rewriting has been reverted. In the tokenizer mode, spacing is now preserved in more cases. A compatibility fix for PHP 5.2 has been applied.

    •  21 Dec 2011 23:01

      Release Notes: The tokenizer mode has been simplified internally, now utilizes some regex matching as well, but still doesn't retain whitespace variations completely. New matching rules for the regex mode are more exact on this. And a new configuration file override has been added.

      •  19 Dec 2011 02:54

        Release Notes: This minor update finishes some commandline flag handling, adds colorization for the whitespace --warn mode and two additional checks, and removes eventual NUL bytes.

        RSS Recent comments

        19 Dec 2011 22:49 milky

        Not noticed this error with Ubuntus `dpkg`
        But the .deb has been rebuilt now with some dots for empty lines. (It's actually an EPM package build.)

        19 Dec 2011 22:20 rongee

        Can't find anywhere else to report this:
        ~ dpkg -i phptags-0.8.deb
        dpkg: error processing phptags-0.8.deb (--install):
        parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/' near line 6 package 'phptags':
        blank line in value of field 'Description'
        Errors were encountered while processing:


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