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phpSlash is a port of the slash-0.2 code from Perl to PHP. Since it was first started, phpslash has become a different beast of its own. It currently boasts full HTML templates, an OO design, the ability to operate in a hosted environment, and a bunch of other goodies.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2003 16:26

    Release Notes: This release adds user accounts and an INI-based configuration system. The language, skin, author, and login support have improved dramatically. phplib is now bundled and preconfigured for easier installation.

    •  19 May 2002 18:32

      Release Notes: This release has some bugfixes and better skin support. RSS 1.0 is now the default for the backend exporter.

      •  23 Feb 2002 19:56

        Release Notes: A new security model, rewritten NavBar, skins/theme support, multiple langauge support, enhanced documentation, easier layout, buxfixes, speedups, and much more.

        •  10 Jun 2001 05:20

          Release Notes: Versions of phpslash less than 0.61pl1 have a security hole in Block_render_url.class that allows an authorized phpslash admin to read any file that the webserver process has access to and display that information on the front page. 0.6.2 fixes this and adds several bugfixes for HTML in comments and stories (now works correctly and javascript is stripped out). Also, default_pending mode for comments now works as expected and links are now parsed correctly into glossary definitions.

          •  27 Mar 2001 07:45

            Release Notes: A bug allowing any user to overwrite comments has been fixed. Comment display code has been fixed to display all display modes correctly. Various regex' have been fixed to format HTML more nicely.

            Recent comments

            05 Dec 2000 13:14 nated

            Sorry! Added phplib to the deps line. Thnaks for the heads up.


            07 Oct 2000 20:43 deekayen

            Don't forget...
            The "depends on" line should also have PHPLib which apparently is still not included in the distribution.


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