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  •  17 Feb 2012 02:40

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused PHP Shell to stop working if the current directory was removed or made unreadable by the user or another process, some encoding problems, and Safe-mode-warning not displaying correctly.

    •  11 Dec 2011 21:43

      Release Notes: This release adds a file upload feature (not enabled by default), fixes a strange UTF-8 bug, and adds an internal history command. The prompt $PS1 is now configurable. Commands with HTML entities (e.g.: echo "ü") were displayed encoded in the output, and there are some other minor bugfixes.

      •  19 Dec 2010 16:29

        Release Notes: This version works with recent PHP versions. (PHP Shell 2.1 had a problem with PHP versions earlier than 5.3.) Navigation in the filesystem using hyperlinks is once again possible. Other small bugs were fixed.

        •  26 Dec 2005 21:10

        Release Notes: Authentication is now handled internally in PHP in an attempt to solve reported login problems. Configuration settings were moved to an ini file, and handling of PHP Safe Mode was improved with better error messages.

        •  26 Mar 2004 23:58

        Release Notes: The shell now has a command line history just like a real shell, and the design was changed to mimic a real shell more closely. The parsing of 'cd' commands was rewritten so that even more special cases are taken care of, and simple command substitution using aliases has been introduced.

        •  17 Nov 2003 17:34

        Release Notes: The handling of symbolic links was fixed so that one can go back with 'cd ..' after going into a directory through a link. The directory listing is now sorted.

        •  02 Apr 2003 23:28

        Release Notes: The stderr check box now remembers its state, and output is now valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. Compatibility with versions of PHP earlier than 4.1.0 was broken by using the new $_* variables. As functionality in this version is identical to 1.7, it is not necessary to upgrade if this is an issue.

        •  18 Sep 2002 12:44

        Release Notes: A problem with PHP 4.2.0 (register_globals are turned off per default from that version onwards) was corrected and the code was cleaned up a little.

        •  24 Mar 2002 15:47

        Release Notes: There was a slight chance that another user could see the output of your command if you used the stderr trapping feature. The problem was that the same filename would be used by both users for the temporary file. A unique filename is now generated each time to prevent this from happening.

        •  22 Mar 2002 23:04

        Release Notes: A new ability for the user to navigate through the filesystem by using the normal 'cd' command. When a command involves 'cd', it will be intercepted and the current working directory will be changed accordingly.


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