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phpRPG is a multiplayer fantasy role-playing game driven by PHP and MySQL, with aims to develop a Web-based game engine which shares common qualities between multiple user dungeons (MUDs), paper & pen RPGs, and computer RPGs.


Recent releases

  •  20 Jun 2002 05:15

    Release Notes: With this release, the code was reviewed and tidied up to comply with the coding standards, the need for cookies was eliminated, all of the images were changed to .png or .jpg format, the dynamic hexagonal grid image is now replaced by image tiles, JavaScript was incorporated to provide better player control, an event processor was implemented, the map editor was advanced and database structures reorganised, the chat system was improved (but emotions are disabled for the moment), there are new items-related functions such as take, drop, identify, and equip, and there is now a rough but functional and playable combat system.

    •  16 Feb 2002 19:28

      Release Notes: A real-time chat system with emotions/expressions, battle mode (although with no damage algorithm yet), and early concepts of time and weather.


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