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phpRPC is meant to be an easy to use XMLRPC library. Function syntax and plugging into most Weblogs is greatly simplified with the use of database/RPC protocol abstraction.

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Recent releases

  •  23 May 2002 07:19

    Release Notes: This release renames all instances of rpc_parser and parse to rpc_decoder/decode, renames the $struct_member variable to $name $rpc_encoder->add_param($type, $value, $name), and splits struct_member($struct_member) into 2 functions and renames it. It also fixes a bug where element was limited to one value entry; multiple entries/arrays may now belong to . Named arrays/structs are now supported, and the user and pass were separated from rpc_Client().

    •  20 May 2002 09:09

      Release Notes: This release adds a function library similar to the RPC library layout. Custom functions can be stored and organized into folders, and then be invoked with load_function("folder.function"). access.php has been replaced with the above manner of loading functions. Some hardcoded code which was xoops specific was moved from rpc_encoder, and put into xoops.xmlQuery. A problem with the parser counting \n as a new value entry was fixed, as was some of the sample code's old URLs. The manual was also updated.

      •  18 May 2002 04:32

        Release Notes: Added introspection using the system.listMethods and system.methodSignature methods, a Web-based debugger to speed up testing and development, fixed a bunch of small encoder bugs, documented classes, and built the docs with phpDocumentor.


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