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  •  01 Jul 2005 03:18

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with the chart generation with certain PHP and GD versions.

  •  12 Mar 2004 11:12

Release Notes: This release addresses a shortcoming in the new configuration subsystem that was introduced in the previous release.

  •  11 Jan 2004 12:53

Release Notes: This release fixes an off-by-one-second bug in the phpOpenTracker API's Access Statistics plugin's interval calculation routine.

  •  16 Nov 2003 06:25

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  15 Sep 2003 04:24

Release Notes: This release introduces compatibility with PHP 5.

  •  30 Aug 2003 02:31

Release Notes: PostgreSQL support and the Web Bug subsystem were fixed, among other things.

  •  19 Apr 2003 06:39

Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and warnings.

  •  08 Jan 2003 04:13

Release Notes: The release introduces a refactored plugin system and addresses some minor bugs, including problems with the phpOpenTracker API Query Cache and the generation of GraphViz markup.

  •  20 Dec 2002 10:34

Release Notes: This release addresses some bugs in the plot_top call of the phpOpenTracker API and adds a new returning_visitors call.

  •  06 Dec 2002 04:08

Release Notes: This release addresses bugs in the phpOpenTracker API's Clickpath Analysis plugin and Query Cache module.


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