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Release Notes: This is the second release candidate for the upcoming feature release.

  •  01 Sep 2002 11:32

Release Notes: Two bugs were fixed, one in the new hostname parser, the other in the Web-bug invoker for the logging engine. Plugin execution was reordered.

  •  31 Aug 2002 18:27

Release Notes: Several bugfixes, and more rules to recognize operating systems and user agents as well as bots and spiders.

Release Notes: This version marks the feature freeze before the release cycle of the 1.0.0 release.

Release Notes: This release adds more work on the simple_report example. The distribution archive for phpOpenTracker-0.9.7-dev-pl1 was put together incorrectly.


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A lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions to ease the task of programming GTK+ programs with C++ in POSIX environments.


Project Spotlight


Determine if data received from a pseudo-terminal is a control sequence.