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Release Notes: This release adds a click heat map: discover where your visitors click on your Web site. Several bugs have been fixed. Overall performance and memory usage have been improved. 5 translations have been updated, and several search engines have been added.

Release Notes: A PDF generation file containing all statistics was added. An "Average Visits per day" statistic was added along with support for HTTPS secure Web servers. The first day calendar and the default language can now be customized. 150 new search engines were added. Many improvements were made.

  •  18 Sep 2006 05:22

Release Notes: Keyword detection was added for google images. An URL generator for Download tracking and URL redirection tracking was added. The possibility to choose Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week was added in the admin configuration. PDF generation was improved. The Taiwanese, Japanese, Croatian, and Turkish language files were updated.

Release Notes: A Catalan translation was added along with preliminary PDF generation (for tests only at this stage). The French, English, Czech, German, Persian, Finnish, Magyar, Dutch, Russian, and Spanish translations were updated. The artichow library was updated to be compatible with PHP 5 with zend_compatibility enabled. Palestinian country support was added along with 50 new search engines. An "Average Visits per day" statistic was added. Country recognition was improved and a MONDAY_FIRST constant was added for specifying the starting day of the week. Recognition of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 was added.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Taiwanese, Arabic, and Bulgarian. It adds Czech search engines. It updates Slovenian, French, Italian, and Czech language files. The automatic archiving process and sending email should work now. A p_pmv_sum index error has been fixed. A JS bug in IE has been fixed. Pages viewed named 'default' in some cases has been fixed. A bad path during installation for IIS server has been fixed. A problem when not counted in stats has been fixed, and file download now redirects well.

Release Notes: Support for Chinese, Japanese, and Russian graphs was added. Visitors interest per referer (access type) was added. An XHTML review was undertaken. Data compression before database recording was implemented. Database calls for visitor logs were optimized, which made a huge difference. A Serbian translation was added and many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: A "variables per page" display was added in the page views table. A display of the file downloaded was added in the page views table. An option was added in admin to exclude the webmaster from the statistics with a cookie. The literal date was added in the RSS feed and mail contents. The JavaScript code was optimized for smaller size. Many bugs were fixed for PHP 5 compatibility. Many other bugs were fixed for MySQL 5 compliance, safe mode, and more.

Release Notes: Adds 10 beautiful graphics showing important data. Fixes many of beta2's bugs.

Release Notes: 17 bugs in beta1 were fixed. User management (with permissions and groups) was added. Artichow library support was added, and the first graph represents visits by server time.

Release Notes: A new user friendly installer was added. A "Frequency" section was added in the interface. The ability to name pages and to classify them by groups was added. AJAX technology is now used, greatly improving the user experience in the navigation. The new "Summary" section provides all the essential information in one page. Statistics can be received by email or with a RSS feed. A "Year" period is now supported for stats.


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