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phpMyProfiler is based on myprofiler and parses the XML files of DVD Profiler ( to insert information into a MySQL database. Compared to the service of Intervocative, the layout is configurable and almost all information about your DVD collection can be provided. Additional features include a guestbook, a newsletter, loan management, a cover gallery, and reports.


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  •  02 Sep 2005 04:00

Release Notes: This new release has a new parser to provide functionality even on slow servers. The script supports the new DVD Profiler (build 868). Performance was improved by a new picture cache and a rewrite of the headshot download. Besides many bugfixes and layout fixes, a Norwegian translation is provided.

  •  03 Mar 2005 01:33

Release Notes: This version is now multilingual. It also adds graphical statistics and the usage of the Smarty template engine has been extended. Some bugs were fixed and the layout has been changed a little.

  •  22 Jan 2005 03:12

Release Notes: This release featured many bugfixes and extended the parsing features for locations. An update module was integrated to make structural changes easy without having to reinstall the complete script. The use of CSS was improved and documented.

  •  10 Jan 2005 08:30

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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