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phpMyDirectory is a professional, full-featured tool to create a fast, secure, and user-friendly business directory (Yellow Pages). It is self-administered and supports unlimited categories, trade leads with pictures and descriptions, banners and logos, paid memberships, ratings, maps, and many other features. It includes a full- featured administrative solution. Users can be charged for paid memberships using PayPal IPN or the AIM feature.

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20 Feb 2004 07:05 jeffcovey

Re: "project is closed"

> maybe it's worth removing the
> comments not to confuse people.


19 Feb 2004 22:55 gvy

Re: "project is closed"
Well then maybe it's worth removing the comments not to confuse people. I've just rechecked (no-cache, links/lynx from thre different locations) -- and it's even more funny: two hosts yield what you've shown, but proxy host ( tells that "PROJECT IS CLOSED" (links used no proxy).

Oh well: "magnetic distortions in epsilon locality" 8-)

19 Feb 2004 15:23 jeffcovey

Re: "project is closed"
Bizarre. I've tried from three geographically remote clients, but I
don't see that, sorry.

19 Feb 2004 15:11 gvy

Re: "project is closed"
Well let's hope it's some local artifact; still there should be no ancient cached page copy.

In any case, here's a screenshot ( of what I've seen.

19 Feb 2004 14:58 jeffcovey

Re: "project is closed"


Right. I don't know what you're seeing there. This is what I see:


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