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29 Jun 2006 06:43 leratc

phpmydatagrid : fix pb to row inserted twice (duplicated)
problem desciption: with Internet Explorer, the row was inserted twice.

why?: because the submit is done twice in 2 ways.
First: it is submitted by the form "method=get"
Second: it is submitted by javascript => "this.form.submit()"

Solution : change the 2 printf on save.gif (the onClick action being removed).
//printf( '', $this->aText['saveText']);
=> printf( '', $this->aText['saveText']);

29 Jun 2006 02:47 leratc

the date problem fixed
The date problem is easily fixed by puting the good test in the FormatColumn function
//if (substr($mask,0,4)=='0-1-2-3-4-double-float-integer-signed-count-percentage-promille')
=> if (substr($mask,0,4)=='date')

27 Jun 2006 08:55 leratc

I find this aplication very handy et simlple to use and to understand.
I have some little bugs to report:
- Between columns names, I add reversed quote to accept special caracters in columns names (to become independant from configuration tricks)
- The insert command puts 2 duplicates lines instead of one in Debug mode.
- In 'normal mode', if you suppress the last line et add a new one, the commands puts 2 duplicates lines
- the date mask does'nt work well when rows are retrieved. Thus, when you edit the row and save it, the date is transformed to null value.
I puts a rate of 10 because I think this littles problems will be easiely fixed.


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