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phpMyDataGrid is a PHP class to display and edit records of a MySQL database table. Editing can be done via AJAX. It can display the contents of the records in an HTML table. The class can be configured to determine which fields of the database table are displayed. The HTML table displays the names of the fields in the header with links to set by which field the listing is sorted. The listing may also show links with icons to edit, insert, or delete database records, which can be easily hidden.


Recent releases

  •  16 Mar 2007 23:14

    Release Notes: This release has been totally rewritten, implementing a lot of new features, and fixing some bugs from older versions.

    Recent comments

    29 Jun 2006 06:43 leratc

    phpmydatagrid : fix pb to row inserted twice (duplicated)
    problem desciption: with Internet Explorer, the row was inserted twice.

    why?: because the submit is done twice in 2 ways.
    First: it is submitted by the form "method=get"
    Second: it is submitted by javascript => "this.form.submit()"

    Solution : change the 2 printf on save.gif (the onClick action being removed).
    //printf( '', $this->aText['saveText']);
    => printf( '', $this->aText['saveText']);

    29 Jun 2006 02:47 leratc

    the date problem fixed
    The date problem is easily fixed by puting the good test in the FormatColumn function
    //if (substr($mask,0,4)=='0-1-2-3-4-double-float-integer-signed-count-percentage-promille')
    => if (substr($mask,0,4)=='date')

    27 Jun 2006 08:55 leratc

    I find this aplication very handy et simlple to use and to understand.
    I have some little bugs to report:
    - Between columns names, I add reversed quote to accept special caracters in columns names (to become independant from configuration tricks)
    - The insert command puts 2 duplicates lines instead of one in Debug mode.
    - In 'normal mode', if you suppress the last line et add a new one, the commands puts 2 duplicates lines
    - the date mask does'nt work well when rows are retrieved. Thus, when you edit the row and save it, the date is transformed to null value.
    I puts a rate of 10 because I think this littles problems will be easiely fixed.


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