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phpMyChat is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use multi-room chat based on PHP and a database, supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC. It supports some IRC-like commands, and has been translated to 37 different languages.

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  •  25 Apr 2009 20:54

    Release Notes: This version comes with UTF-8 support for pages, user names, and room names. It is also fully compatible with PHP 5 and MySQL 5. Several bugs were fixed. Lots of improvements and additional features were added, which will offer more powers and tools to chat administrators.

    •  02 Jul 2001 17:59

    Release Notes: Two security issue fixes (a bug concerning nicks containing dot characters that couldn't be deleted/banished/updated in the administration sheets, and a bug such that when registered users used the '/join' command or clicked on the link in an invitation messages they may loose their rights or be kicked off because of a wrong password encoding), and some new translations.

    •  31 May 2001 16:07

    Release Notes: This release contains some important security fixes. Users are no longer displayed twice in the user frame with PostgreSQL, some translations have been completed, and Argentinian spanish has been added.

    •  16 May 2001 00:49

    Release Notes: Clicking on the connection status button (at the 'exit' frame) if it turns to red now frees the submit button at the 'input' frame. Some translations have been completed and Malay has been added. A bug report form has been added in the 'docs' directory, and some important security fixes have been merged into this release thanks to contributors (a new fix since beta 3).

    Release Notes: This release includes updates to the Spanish translation.


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