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23 Nov 2001 05:07 Stalione

Major improvement
I was previously using MyPHPadmin2.2.0 and I was not all that impressed. I didn't like the fact that I was able to see other databases even though I didn't have right to them, the interface was not so good..etc. But forget that...ver 2.2.2 kick major butt! I mean the interface is just way too nicer than previous...the configuration file seems to have more options (which i haven't looked into yet)...and when you access a db you get a whole lot more options such as running a query ...optimizing tables...and much much more. THIS IS A MUST HAVE IF YOU PLAN TO USE MySQL. Forget all those cheesy gui's out there...this is the real deal! Guys I cannot thank you enough on this commendable job. =) please keep up the good work!


17 Nov 2001 08:52 loic1

Re: Adding Multiples Listings
Hi Travis!

Checks the 2.2.2-rc1 version we released yesterday: your suggestion is one of the enhancements against 2.2.1 it contains.

05 Nov 2001 01:03 Hephaestus

Adding Multiples Listings
On tbl_change.php, the 'Add Listing' page, I think it would be very convenient to have, in addition to the the 'Save' button, a 'Save & Insert' button to add your listing and then take you immediately back to the 'Add Listing' page. This would be of great benefit when adding multiple listings at once. It would, of course, reduce the number of necessary "clicks" by half.

31 Oct 2001 17:39 ThijsWelman

I think it would be nice to have the time an SQL Query takes printed with the results. I t will be very convenient for optimizing your queries.


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