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phpivr is an Asterisk AGI application which uses PHPAGI to organize Interactive Voice Responses. It doesn't need extensions.conf changes and dialplan reloading if you want to modify the IVR menu, it reads phpivr.conf on the fly. It supports unlimited levels of IVR menus. It is a standalone tool (you do not need to install FreePBX with all its functionality), does not require additional exotic libraries, and is easy to integrate into your own application.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Aug 2010 19:50

    Release Notes: A JSON decode function was written from scratch. The PHPAGI function "goto" was renamed to "agigoto". Some bugs were fixed.

    •  10 Mar 2010 13:36

      Release Notes: A simple online Web monitor that shows IVR calls in real time was added. The phpivr.conf.php file was added.

      •  04 Mar 2010 15:13

        Release Notes: History of keys pressed was added into CDR userfield for analysis. The file phpagi-fastagi.php was removed from the project.

        •  08 Dec 2009 11:08

          Release Notes: A bug that led to incorrect parsing of menu parameters was fixed. The command "*" was added, which allows you to execute an Asterisk command without exiting from the IVR menu.

          •  06 Nov 2009 10:36

            Release Notes: A bug which led to exit from IVR if it did not receive dtmf sequence was fixed.


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