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  •  25 Aug 2002 22:11

Release Notes: This release is a significant enhancement over the 0.9.12 release. There are numerous bugfixes and some new features. Setup can now handle full API and application upgrades, and services are now available via XML-RPC/SOAP calls.

  •  23 Apr 2001 10:53

Release Notes: This release is packed with new features, including a new template set, 5 new applications (phpgwnetsaint, eldaptir, chora, squirrelmail, and bookkeeping), a fix for link() calls, a ton a changes in the API in preparation for an API feature freeze, language updates, tons of updates for the addressbook, calendar, and other apps, full ACL on public items, full ACL on user permissions, global and personal categories, and a number of small bug fixes. This release is not perfect, but it is a big improvement from 0.9.9pl1.


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