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  •  02 Jul 2008 20:06

Release Notes: This release fixes problems that appeared when sorting by rate values. The same photo date as in F-Spot is now displayed in phpfspot too. The date input fields have been rearranged to allow easier input. The initial sort order can now be preconfigured in phpfspot's configuration file.

  •  25 May 2008 12:20

Release Notes: User-friendly and search-engine friendly URLs are now possible (via Apache's mod_rewrite). A tag selection will now be displayed, similar to those of F-Spot. Nikon's NEF RAW photo format is also supported (with some helper applications). Furthermore, F-Spot's new introduced rating-values are now also displayed in phpfspot. Obligatory bugfixes are also included.

  •  05 Apr 2008 05:32

Release Notes: Images in PNG format are now supported. An auto-completion was implemented for tag-search as well as a photo preview via lightbox2. The tag cloud will now show up in different colors. A few bugs were fixed.

  •  30 Dec 2007 17:01

Release Notes: A new option allows you to only publish photos that have been tagged with a special tag. The smaller changes in F-Spot's database structure for 0.4 are now also supported by phpfspot. The code has been further cleaned up to avoid PHP warning messages.


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