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  •  26 Oct 2012 21:27

    Release Notes: Switches back to depending on PHP >= 5.3.0, because pfc hook intensively uses closures and traits. Wraps PUT and DELETE HTTP methods to POST so that pfc can be used on servers that restrict these methods.

    •  23 Oct 2012 12:59

    Release Notes: The software was completely rewritten. It is not yet feature complete.

    •  13 Apr 2010 13:17

      Release Notes: Major fixes are the annoying IE8 display bug, Flood and Deop problems, and the XSS problem on the /me command. This release also includes optimizations, translations, and a new Oracle container.

      •  30 Jul 2008 12:55

      Release Notes: This release fixes a major security hole. Malicious users were able to spy on and take control of other chatters' sessions.

      •  24 Mar 2008 06:24

      Release Notes: The nickmeta parameter now supports raw HTML, which will satisfy all the developers who want to quickly add complex data in the user profile box. A new dyn_params parameter makes it possible to disable caching on the parameters you want. Finally, the refresh_delay_steps parameter has been added to dynamically adjust the chat refresh speed depending on the chat activity: the more the chat is active, the more it is responsive. This version also fixes lot of bugs and adds new translations.

      •  21 Sep 2007 11:15

      Release Notes: When a lot of chatters spoke together in the chat, messages could be blocked randomly. This bug was due to a corruption problem (file locking), and it has been fixed in this release. This is the beginning of a new stable branch of phpfreechat.

      •  01 Jul 2007 10:28

      Release Notes: A major refactoring in AJAX request handling has been done: pfc now only uses the prototype library, and no longer uses xajax, so the chat loading is a bit faster. Many bugs have been fixed, including recurrent timeouts on IE6, and an issue where sometimes the cursor was invisible at the FF login prompt. Some translations were updated.

      •  28 Mar 2007 04:29

      Release Notes: This is a major bugfix release. A very annoying focus problem related to the new DHTML login prompt was fixed. Sometimes nicknames in the list disappeared. Some URLs were badly parsed. A lot of small bugs were fixed and a lot of translation files were updated.

      •  19 Feb 2007 08:35

      Release Notes: This release changes the manner in which the chat is loaded: styles and HTML structure are now loaded by AJAX calls. Thanks to this improvement, the chat is easier to integrate because the printStyle() and printJavascript() functions were removed. You just need to call printChat() in your HTML body where you want the chat to appear. This release also integrates a lot of optimizations, a lot of bugfixes and some new translations.

      Release Notes: This release adds sound notifications, the new /invite command, a new MySQL container, and new translations (for Esperanto, Romanian, Armenian, and Bangla). Some small optimizations were done on the file container. A bug in which directories with 777 rights were not browsable on special servers was fixed. The chat was broken on special Windows servers and has been fixed.


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