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15 Jun 2002 14:15 CreativeMinds


I work as a market research programmer, and it seems that good software cost way to much for this industry. I've been browsing the web for a long time to find a competitive open source software. I think this is the first one I've seen which support page breaks. This could really become something good assuming that some development get's done on filtering questions etc. Oh, and filtering questions would mean putting a filter on EACH page wether they should be displayed or not rather than a GOTO from an earlier question...

06 Nov 2001 10:13 dangreenlee

This is an amazing script!
I've seen alot of "supposed" survey scripts, this one ROCKS!

18 Jul 2001 21:47 pshempel

Great application. Looked for months for something like this!
I have searched for months for a decent creation
for survey type form creator that lets people who
have no clue how to do html. This is great!. I
know that it still is under construction and has a
few kinks to be gotten out but it still is better
than what I have seen!

Thanks for your work! This has saved me many hours
of work!


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