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  •  23 Oct 2008 13:51

Release Notes: Online update checking was added. Multi site handling was improved. Data access group management and handling was improved. GUI and Core bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release includes the new transaction system which is used for safer SQL transactions and the demo system. The configuration system, general settings GUI, and database error handling were also improved. Minor small bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This minor release includes the new control panel. All optional file-based system configuration was moved to the GUI interface. Minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release addresses some of the last major functions that could be required by developers including a lower level admin to manage users in his group. Several bugs were fixed. The theme was improved to give it a more professional look and feel. Logo management was added. More powerful security features was added. PHPDevShell has now matured into a truly professional solution.

Release Notes: Menu item structure building now only happens when an item is actually deleted. The load page method was improved with the ability to add extra $_GET variables. Major improvements were made to the default template. Delete and edit can now be done with any menu manipulation listing script. The menu system now shows a parent as a menu as well when in an active menu group. Users can now select from a multi select box to choose which groups can access what scripts. Language constants were corrected in the cronjob administrative scripts. An error when logging out was fixed.

Release Notes: Breadcrumbs are now first followed by menu items, for improved navigation. A language file was added to readme.php, and all methods were made public or private according to their type and structure. The interface was made touch screen friendly. The example plugin was expanded. The language was updated. Broken breadcrumb array sorting was fixed. A plugin database query sorting method was corrected. The plugin class was searched for in the wrong directory when in sub-levels, so this was fixed. Small changes were made to the template CSS for improved navigation. Support for IE6 was dropped completely.

Release Notes: Less configuration data information is now required in configuration.php and less admin is required on menu items, as some processes are now determined automatically. The ability to add an array of menu items to be deleted on upgrade through the plugin manager was added. The example plugin config was updated. Images were added to the login page. An issue where breadcrumb links were not correctly ordered was fixed. The pds_core_item_groups and pds_core_item_owner tables were removed as groups are now determined by plugin folder. Menu items 2110163404, 3554126791, and 3558205398 were removed as groups are now determined by plugin folder.

Release Notes: When submitting edit/delete, $_POST is used instead of $_GET. Minor improvements have been made throughout the code. The username is logged instead of the ID alone, in case a username is deleted. A system error produced when accessing an illegal page has been fixed. Ranking by which menu items was saved was not according to user input when selecting rank last. Username not displaying in system logs or user logs has been fixed.


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