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Release Notes: A light JavaScript AJAX framework called Mootools replaces PEAR::HTML_Ajax, as it was not maintained as desired. Minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This is a major release, the system now uses the gettext system to support multiple languages. This allows the developer to skip working on a separate language file, improving productivity dramatically. Minor bugfixes and other improvements were made.

Release Notes: This is mainly a large maintenance update with the introduction of AJAX, which is now integrated. It adds many backend feature enhancements, small bugfixes, and performance optimization.

Release Notes: This release adds a hook system, code optimization, improved error checking, log notification, and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This major release added user roles and group permissions, a true multilingual engine, and a dramatically improved core engine. Also improved were registration, database structure, templates, and the navigation system. The code was cleaned up.

Release Notes: Eye candy was improved. The licensed was changed to the GNU LGPL. The template engine was improved. CAPTCHA was improved. The logging system was improved. File location notification was added. Minor code cleanup was done.

Release Notes: The GUI system settings, SMTP email server support, the customized redirection option, filter capabilities, and many other things were improved. General code cleanup was done. Smaller bugs were fixed. The code was strain tested and is considered "gold".

Release Notes: A powerful per-script templating system. Security enhancements. An improved plugin manager. Enhanced GUI system configuration. An enhanced GUI manager. Improved user manager, notification system, menu system, cron manager, log system, and system admin. System break protection has been added. Many small bugs have been fixed and optimizations made.

Release Notes: A more intuitive interface is used. When a user is deleted, the related family table is cleaned as well. A session timeout option was added to the configuration. Major security recoding and improvement were done. Pages now remember where to redirect to after login. Security setting and system setting changes take effect immediately. The CAPTCHA image is now easier for humans to read.

Release Notes: The language files were updated with grammar and spelling fixes. A lot of bugs were fixed. A nicer looking template is used. Powerful and fast search/filter functions are available for your scripts. Security was improved. Menu creation was made simpler. Advanced user functionality was added. Advanced security functionality was added. Jupload ( was integrated as a method. Many classes were improved. The PHPDoc documentation was updated.


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Easy booking of stays by time and date with different languages and currencies.