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Version 1.0.0-Beta-1-DB-1001 of PHPDevShell

Release Notes: This is a major upgrade which adds many additional features, improvements, and fixes to the package. New features include a cache system, multiple menu types, core improvements, cronjob improvements, and GUI improvements.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release focuses on AJAX capabilities and general structure enhancements. Better maintainability of views. Improved UI management screens.

Release Notes: This release includes new CRUD, ORM, and other major development architectures. A lot of improvements were made in performance and enterprise readiness. New UI functionality and screens were added for improved application administration.

Release Notes: This release brings modern features like Ajax Widgets, Lightbox, and other UI enhancements. It adds stability and performance, making PHPDevShell a viable option for an enterprise solution.

  •  08 Jul 2011 22:07

Release Notes: Greatly improved performance and overall stability.

  •  13 May 2011 21:29

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release fixing serious issues with group results and pagination. It also includes fixes for other serious annoyances. The tagger UI is included in this release.


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